Trust Through Testing

Reliability for the Scientific Community

Concrete is known for its inconsistencies and wide variability.  TACM applies processes & procedures to control those variables, resulting in consistent Concrete Test Substrates.

OEM/ODM Manufacturing to meet your specific criteria or situation.

Whether utilizing TACM's design process to build your brand, or a collaboration between TACM and your product developers, TACM fabricates high quality concrete pieces at a reasonable price.


Missing just one or two of your Concrete Surface Profile Samples? Well... now you can order a single sample for the Concrete Surface Profile 1-10 set (instead of replacing your entire set)!

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What makes us different?

In addition to TACM’s standard line of products, our management team is quick to respond to our client’s needs for custom product. Whether a client requires a custom concrete design mix (a different size or shape, color or surface profile), TACM will rise to the occasion at an affordable price. Management takes pride in our “make it happen” attitude and ability to perform complex design projects to meet client challenges.

Products Fit The Need

OEM/ODM Test Substrates, Sales/Marketing Tools and other technical concrete pieces that "fit the bill".

Measurable Results

Consistency in test product facilitates measurable and reliable test results.  TACM's solution-oriented staff produce measurable results for your business!

Recognized Standards

Approved by MMSA (Material and Methods Standards Association) for ASTM, ANSI and ISO Standards.

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