Concrete Prep Profile Sets

New Product Release!!! 

Coatings professionals use mechanical or chemical concrete prep methods to remove bond-breaking contaminants and prepare the concrete for good penetration of coating materials. The methods typically used are Grinding, Light or Medium Shot-blasting and Light Scarifying.  These lower profile methods are used so that thinner coatings will cover the deviations made by the concrete prep.  TACM is releasing a new set of those lower concrete prep profiles 1-5 that will allow for a master to be kept in the set and a check out piece to be given to a field installer, architect, designer or end-users. That way there is a back-up control piece left in the set when the check out piece goes missing!  Contact us at for more information.
Concrete Prep Profile Sets are mechanically or chemically processed
as follows:
Sample 1 - Acid Etched - Master
Sample 1 Acid Etched - Sign Out
Sample- Ground (w/ hand-grinder) - Master
Sample- Ground (w/ hand-grinder) - Sign Out  

Sample- Light Shot-blast -  Master
Sample- Light Shot-blast -  Sign Out

Sample 4- Light Scarification - Master
Sample 4- Light Scarification - Sign Out

Sample 5 - Medium Shot-blast - Master
Sample 5 - Medium Shot-blast - Sign Out

*Custom profiles are available upon request*
- TACM is the sole Domestic and International sourcfor concrete surface prep samples made by mechanical or chemical methods per surface prep industry guidelines.  These samples are made in a durable 7,000psi concrete design mix and processed just as they would be at a construction field site.

- Standard samples are available in two formats
1) Set of ten different Profiles 
2) Boxes of twelve of one Concrete Prep Profile

Concrete Prep Profile Sets are mechanically or chemically processed as follows:
Profile 1 - Acid Etched
Profile 2 - Ground (w/ hand-grinder)
*changed July 12, 2018 - see News section*
Profile 3 - Light Shot-blast
Profile 4 - Light Scarification
Profile 5 - Medium Shot-blast
Profile 6 - Medium Scarification
Profile 7 - Heavy Shot-blast
Profile 8 - Surface Retarder (changed 7/11/18- see below)
Profile 9 - Heavy Scarification
Profiles 10 - Breaker & Abrasive Blast

*Custom profiles are available upon request*

Ideal Sales and Training Tools for Manufacturers of Surface Prep Equipment or Construction Materials that require Surface Prep.  Show your potential, new or existing customers how their field Concrete Surface Prep should look and feel.