Need Concrete Test Pieces or Samples made explicitly to your specifications? 

TACM confidentially uses your requirements and produces quality concrete pieces to meet your specific production criteria. TACM has the capability to produce a myriad of sizes and shapes. Finishes are optional as well.........

To name a few, you can choose a shot blasted texture (light, medium, or heavy), sandblasted texture, scarified surface, smooth and many more.

Productions capabilities include integral or topical color by stain or tint, seeding, coating, polishing (cream, salt and pepper, medium aggregate exposure) along with finishes from matte to high sheen. For significant quantities TACM will private label some of its Standard Products (like Concrete Prep Profile Sets) and work with you to create customized packaging to fit your product. Of course, there are minimum order requirements, but it is a straightforward process with reasonable lead times. Call 1-800-773-9363 or email for a free consultation.  

Custom Concrete Sample Programs

TACM makes a variety of Standard Size Samples.  Display sizes are nominal 16” x 16” x ½” or 20” x 20” x ½”.  Sample Kit Standard Sizes are nominal 3” x 3” x ½” or 4” x 4” x ½”.  These can be used for individual hand-out samples as well.  A medium format 8” x 8” x ½” is also available as a standard.

Polished Concrete in Standard Gray

Class A - Cream

Class B - Fine Aggregate

Class C - Medium Aggregate

Colored Polished Concrete Samples

4" x 4" x 1/2" Individualized Concrete Samples
3" x 3" x 1/2" Individualized Concrete Samples

Examples of Grind & Seal

Water Based Epoxy Sealer

Solvent Based Acrylic Sealer

TACM will take your design mix and make samples from your formulation or use a basic concrete design mix from 3,000 to 7,000psi.  The samples can either have a smooth, ground, polished, textured or coated finish depending on your needs.  Color can be integral or stained/dyed.

Sample Kits

Example of Concrete with Glass Inlays

Example of Stained Concrete Sample

TACM Standard Sample Kit Box

TACM can provide a customized sample kit to meet your company needs.

To request a quote call 800-773-9363 or use our Contact Us page.