TACM produces testing substrates and related accessories for various International and Domestic standards such as ISO, ASTM and ANSI standards.  Currently, TACM (a division of Artflor, Inc.) is the only Domestic source approved by the MMSA (Material and Methods Standards Association) for ISO, ASTM and ANSI standards.  TACM is also the sole Domestic and International source for Concrete Samples of Surface Prep Profiles made per the the industry's recommended methods and guidelines. See Concrete Profiles section for more detail.

TACM offers concrete sample programs with various finishes and coatings.  Some of these are epoxy coating systems, urethanes and hybrid coatings.  TACM also manufactures polished concrete samples from simple grind and seal samples to exposed aggregates with exotic colors, and stained concrete as well.

In addition to TACM’s standard line of products, TACM offers OEM and ODM design and production  services. Whether a client requires a specialized concrete design mix, a different size or shape, color or surface profile, TACM will rise to the occasion at an affordable price. Management takes pride in our “make it happen” attitude and ability to perform complex design projects to meet client challenges. 

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